PowerJam 3 in 1 Power Bank (Speaker,Mobile Stand,Power bank)


Product size: 29*137*29mm
Speaker Output Power: 2W
Frequency range: 200-20000Hz
Sensitivity: 90db
Resistance: 4ohms
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
USB input voltage: 5V
USB input current: 800mA
USB output voltage: 5V
USB output current: 1000mA
As a power bank, It’s kinda disappointing because It was able to charge my phone for just only about 20% more which is weird considering it should have a 4000mAh of battery inside. I tested it twice with the same result. It’s weird because after it stopped charging my phone, I tried to use it as a speaker and it is still working just fine, the sound is still good and not cracking up which means it still has enough juice. Your experience may vary though but I suggest that you treat the power bank feature as an emergency power bank only.
The speaker is actually the most surprising part of this clever device, coming into this review or even before I bought this, my expectation is very low considering the price and how tiny the speaker is. As per my testing, the speaker actually produces pretty decent sounds with an ample amount of bass considering it’s size. It’s way better than the speaker on my smartphone which is the reason why I actually bought this. It can get loud but it tends to get distorted at a higher volume especially at max. But even on a 60% volume, it produces clear and pleasing sound for my taste. Now, it’s not meant to replace your desktop speakers or even your other portable Bluetooth speakers but for its size, the sound quality is decent enough. You’ll know when the battery is low when the sound starts to crack or glitch.
Smartphone Stand:
As a smartphone stand, it’s pretty much straightforward. Plug in the cap like I’ve shown you before, plug in your smartphone to the 3.5mm plug and you’re good to go. The only downside is you can’t charge your device when you’re on this setup because the cap actually blocks the USB charging port.